No coding, no PhD’s. New insights,
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No coding, no PhD’s.
New insights, new answers, new superpowers.


How and why predictive analysis improves retail purchases

Data and predictive analytics aimed at improving purchases at the point of sale

What could the benefits be?

Value customer experience

Improve customer relations

Predict what customers will look for

Understand user behavior and make specific predictions about the purchasing process. 

In-store, the user must go to the specific point of sale, search for the product on display, without being sure that it can be ordered if it is not available. Furthermore, if it is, the customer will have to return for collection or pay the shipping costs to a home. Without forgetting the interaction with the sales staff and the queue at the cash desk.

From this brief analysis, it seems clear that the online experience is more than advantageous, allowing you to satisfy your desires quickly, with a net saving of time and often even with less frustration. So then the stores are destined to close? In our opinion, no.

Because monitoring customers throughout the customer journey is worthwhile. The benefits of omnichannel retail include the ability to gather information on customer behavior and their interactions with brands. Using this data by applying predictive analysis allows obtaining and guaranteeing advantages at the point of sale and users, placing the consumer at the center, proposing the right products at the right time, guaranteeing a valuable customer experience. These analyzes help you to understand which stores may need more frequent supplies, or to reduce or support different marketing, customize and improve customer relations.

Properly addressing promotions means that the in-depth knowledge of the individual customer will guide the offers he receives, thanks to the traceability of previous purchases and the forecast of future ones. This approach can improve online and in-store engagement and strengthen the relationship between company and consumer.

The use of predictive analysis aims to predict what customers will look for even before they start a search. Our systems assimilate user behavior and make reliable predictions about the purchasing process, without any interference with their activities.

Use AI and Machine learning to provide predictive intellIgence to your business

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