No coding, no PhD’s. New insights,
new answers, new superpowers.


No coding, no PhD’s.
New insights, new answers, new superpowers.

Reduce SaaS Churn

Optimize your customer acquisition cost and boost your customer lifetime value






Does your SaaS businessaccounting firm use Google Analytics, Big Query or another database to capture events?


At Farrago AI we have experience with optimizing software business by analyzing user event data captured by Google Analytics and customer profiles created on signup to build predictions that improve profit.

If you track your user’s experience using Big Query, Google Analytics or any other event capture platform we can very quickly see if you have enough data to get these key insights. If you don’t we can take you on the journey of laying a solid data foundation so that you are well-positioned to leverage predictive analytics in the future.


Identify churning customers before they leave

Predict the likelihood of a customer churning at a certain point in time in the future. Be it a month, a week, or even a day we can help you predict how likely a customer is to leave. Now you can answer:

  • Which customer should you call first?
  • How should we prioritize the product roadmap?
  • Who are our best customers?

We can help you identify users most at risk so that you can make informed investment decisions about how you deploy your resources.


Optimize onboarding and give your customers the best introduction to your product possible

This requires insights into the onboarding pathways available for your product. We can understand which of your onboarding experiences is best for each customer. This will enable the leadership to identify experience gaps and create new or update old onboarding processes. A powerful aspect of this prediction is the ability to retrain the model over time to accurately reflect best onboarding option as they evolve.


Keep focused on the right product roadmap.

The power of predicting both churn and the optimal onboarding pathway will have a big impact on any SaaS business in the short to medium term. However, understanding why customers are leaving or what makes for the best product introduction process can have a huge impact on your long term success.

What Farrago AI can enable is insights into what drives churn and successful onboarding. Is it a specific account manager, a bug no one has caught or an unpopular feature? With our prediction explainability features, you can see what is driving the churn not just who is about to churn. For onboarding you can identify the bottlenecks and steps where customers are most likely to lose interest. Being able to see what is driving churn and successsful onboarding helps you drive your product roadmap. Keep the customers you’ve fought so hard to earn.


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What do you need to predict?

These are 3 clear high value predictions and insights for software as a service businesses. However, the power of Farrago lies not in specific predictions, but in the abstraction of the cost and complexity of leveraging this niche form of artificial intelligence. If you can imagine an insight and you have the data to predict then Farrago is the perfect enabler. With Farrago AI you can build predictions that manage risk and improve profit.

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Use AI and Machine learning to Leverage  predictive intellIgence For your business

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