No coding, no PhD’s. New insights,
new answers, new superpowers.


No coding, no PhD’s.
New insights, new answers, new superpowers.



Predict which risk rating a new customer should receive

What could the benefits be?

Speed up analysis activities

Maximize the benefit

Customer satisfaction

The development, implementation, and successful use of predictive modeling insurance.

Today, in the insurance world, acquiring valuable customers requires a predictive risk analysis. Why? Because doing so means bringing together and taking onboard people and organizations with which it is possible to establish long-term and mutually beneficial relationships. Relationships based on the provision of personalized, quality services, and on contracts that take into account the actual conduct of the customer, rewarding virtuous behavior with discounted fees or ancillary services and directing less experienced users towards good practices. All this requires a deep knowledge of the market, great experience in formulating integrated propositions and, above all, the ability to manage risk in scenarios characterized by ever more fluid dynamics.

So we start a predictive analytics insurance strategy.
Valuable data and information are analyzed with algorithms and correlated with data from other claims sources, accidents and illness due to specific, and outlined patterns that can be exploited to generate inferences towards other customers or prospects. Naturally, the more accurate and accurate the statistical series and the collected and verified cases, the more effective and accurate the analysis models will be.

It is definitely by leveraging these models that we can begin to recognize how often and with what intensity the return of certain actions helps to increase or decrease the probability of certain events occurring.

Use AI and Machine learning to provide predictive intellIgence to your business

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