No coding, no PhD’s. New insights,
new answers, new superpowers.


No coding, no PhD’s.
New insights, new answers, new superpowers.

Accountants Using Xero Practice Manager

Keep the right clients and the right team

Keep your Firm at Peak performance with Farrago Ai.

Capacity Planning

Team Performance

Job Cost Modelling

Does your accounting firm use Xero Practice Manager?

At Farrago AI we have experience with leveraging the structure of data captured by XPM to create the following 3 predictions.

If you use Xero Practice Manager we can very quickly see if you have enough data to get these key insights. If you don’t we can take you on the journey of laying a solid data foundation so that you are well-positioned to leverage predictive analytics in the future.


Capacity Planning to optimise resource deployment.

Predict your upcoming jobs and compare with internal capacity.

  • Do you need to employ some new talent?
  • What seniority should they be?
  • How many people?
  • Will a part-timer be sufficient?
  • Is outsourcing an option?

We can help you identify the peaks and troughs of your workload so that you can make informed investment decisions about how you resource your firm.


Team Performance to ensure that you have the right mix of skills in your organisation.

This requires insights into the time and quality of work done by staff. We can understand how long it will take a certain team member to finish a job. This will enable the leadership to identify capability gaps and upskill efficiently. A powerful aspect of this prediction is the ability to retrain the model over time to accurately reflect the team member’s capability as it evolves.


Job Cost Modelling to enable early risk mitigation.

This model focuses on being able to predict the cost of a job before it begins.
What this enables is early risk mitigation and expectation management for difficult projects. Being able to see the likely cost helps to ensure you work with clients that will earn you the profits you deserve.



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What do you need to predict?

These are 3 clear high value predictions for professional services organisations. However the power of Farrago lies not in specific predictions, but in the abstraction of the cost and complexity of leveraging this niche form of artificial intelligence. If you can imagine an insight and you have the data to predict then Farrago is the perfect enabler. With Farrago AI you can build predictions that manage risk and improve profit.

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Use AI and Machine learning to Leverage  predictive intellIgence FOr your business

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