You want to explore how machine learning can help your business – you don’t want a PhD!

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Data Science Superpowers

Start using machine learning without the human learning

We believe every organisation should benefit from the power of machine learning without having to invest in a team of data scientists and expert software engineers.

Farrago automates large parts of the data scientist role, empowering non-technical users to apply machine learning algorithms to existing data with a few clicks of a button.

No coding, no PhD’s.
New insights, new answers,
new superpowers.

Immediate Value
  • Raw data to machine learning predictions in a day
  • No coding or PhD required
  • Rapidly discover new insights and business value

Why try Farrago?
  • Find out if your data is ready for machine learning
  • Intelligent business case driven recommendations
  • Match algorithms to data like a data scientist
  • No data preparation required